My journey into the study of American penmanship began in July 2016. At first, I merely wanted to relearn basic cursive handwriting. As I studied from of a cursive copybook for 3rd graders, I continued to look for more resources and found that America had an impressive history of penmanship. I also found communities on Reddit, on Instagram, and through IAMPETH that were actively studying and practicing traditional American penmanship.

More than anything, the concept of “movement writing”, a writing technique that relies more on arm movement than wrist or finger movement, intrigued me and inspired me to dig deeper. No longer was beautiful penmanship about careful deliberation and cramped fingers making cramped movements. It was about speed, freedom, ease, and fluidity.

Since 2016, my study of American penmanship has continued. I share my artwork on my Instagram account. On my YouTube channel, I share my thoughts about penmanship and penmanship studies.

In the spring of 2019, I visited the Newberry Library to view the Platt Rogers Spencer collection of penmanship. More information and pictures here.

If you’d like to contact me regarding penmanship, please email me or write me.

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